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Free In-Office Sinsational Smile Whitening

($199 Value)

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Our denture patients wish to remain anonymous. Their dentures look so natural that they know you’ll never guess their secret. Great dentures need to be comfortable, stable, harmonize with the face and support the lips. Dr. Giacalone feels that great dentures need the same artistic eye and dental skills as other phases of dentistry. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t about just making teeth whiter, brighter and straighter. It is about improving the quality of life and self-confidence. Our dentures do just that.

We make both full and partial traditional dentures as well as implant – retained options. Dentures can be anchored to dental implants for better retention, stability and chewing. With implant retained dentures many of our patients are able to enjoy eating steak, caramels, and biting into an apple again.

If you are frustrated, sick and tired of the discomfort and embarrassment caused by ill – fitting dentures, give our office a call. We offer options to fit many needs and budgets.

“The new dentures made my life so much easier. I can talk and eat as if they were my natural teeth. I thank you so much. It has made the biggest difference in my life.”
Evelyn Y.

“ Before I had dental implants my denture were painful and would rock and slide when I ate or smiled. I was always worried about having an embarrassing moment. Now with my new dental implants and dentures I am pain free and confident. My new dentures do not rock or slide at all and they felt great right away. I can eat anything I want and am not concerned when I eat out at restaurants. I am so grateful to be able to relax and enjoy social outings and smile with confidence.”
Peg M.




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